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18 gutter aluminum coil

Nedir 18 gutter aluminum coil? "18 gutter" means the width is 18 inches at the bottom of the aluminum coil gutter, also written as 18" gutter aluminum coil. What thickness is gutter coil? What gauge is gutter coil? The width of the aluminum gutter coil has various specifications, and the conventional one is 5-18 inch K-type aluminum gutter. The range of wall thickness is 0.8-2.0mm, and the outer ...

5005 alüminyum bobin

5005 alloy aluminum coil

5005 alloy aluminum coil belongs to 5000 series alloy aluminum coil. 5005 aluminum coil of HuaWei Alu is certificated to ASTM, EN as well as JIS, vb. and it can be cut to size at customers’ need. Mg is the principal element in the 5005 aluminum coil and when it used as main alloying element or combined with Mn, high strength and no-heat treatable properties can be realized. 5005 aluminumcoil ofHuaWei Alu. has ma ...

alüminyum bobin 2000

2000 series alloy aluminum coil

2000 Series Aluminum Coil Overview: What are 2000 series aluminum alloy coil? 2000 series alloy aluminum coil on behalf of 2014 alüminyum bobin, 2024 alüminyum bobin, 2A16 (LY16) 2A06 (LY6), 2000 series aluminum coil is characterized by high hardness, which is the highest content of the original genus of copper, about 3-5%. 2000 series aluminum coil belongs to aviation aluminum, currently not often used in the co ...

5182 alüminyum bobin

5182 alloy aluminum coil

Nedir 5182 alüminyum bobin? 5182 aluminum coil is an Al-Mg alloy, which is one of the representative models of 5 series aluminum alloy coils. 5182 aluminum alloy has medium metal strength, good welding performance, and can be anodized on the surface. Its excellent corrosion resistance and plasticity make 5182 aluminum coil widely used in automobile manufacturing and ship transportation. 5182 alloy aluminum ...

1060 alüminyum bobin

1060 saf alüminyum bobin

Nedir 1060 alüminyum bobin? 1060 aluminium coil is pretty similar to 1050 aluminium alloy with more than 0.1% of aluminium by weight. Both 1050 ve 1060 aluminium coil of Huawei AL, lives up to ISO standards, but they cover different ASTM standards. 1060 aluminium coil contains 0.05% cooper, böylece, its conductivity is 55%. Ayrıca, the 1060 aluminium coil is relatively low strength, essentially pure aluminium all ...

5052 5083 6061 7050 7075 2024 aluminum coil mechanical properties comparison

Alloy temper Tensile strength (MPa) yield strength (MPa) Hardness force ball Elongation (1 / 16) thickness 5052 H112 175 195 60 12 5083 H112 180 211 65 14 6061 T651 310 276 95 12 7050 T7451 510 455 135 10 7075 T651 572 503 150 11 2024 T351 470 325 120 20

1 seri alüminyum bobin

Aluminum coil material and model introduction:1000 Series Al Coil

1 series aluminum coil is also known as pure aluminum coil. The purity of aluminum can reach more than 99.00% and does not contain other metals. Among all series, the 1000 series belongs to the series with the most aluminum content. Aluminum coil price. The production process of 1 series pure aluminum coil is relatively simple, and the process of doping other alloys is less, so the price of 1000 series alu ...

How to effectively prevent corrosion of aluminum coils

It is understood that the current aluminum coils on the market are widely used in the production of aluminum composite panels, aluminum ceilings, fireproof veneers, garage doors and other products, but there are certain shortcomings, that is, they don’t pay attention to the protection of aluminum coils after a long time. , There will be corrosion, how to effectively prevent it, let's take a look? (1) Aluminum ...

alüminyum bobin 1050 cold rolled

The order of aluminum coil 1050 cold rolled in production #11221702 ( export to Uzbekistan )

Product name: alüminyum bobin 1050 cold rolled SIZE (MM) ALLOY / TEMPER 0.8x340 1050 H14 1.3x150 1050 H14

Do you understand the five properties of aluminum coils?

These five characteristics are occupied by the aluminum coil and its performance as a building material! 1. Mechanical properties of aluminum coils: high-quality aluminum materials, plastics and adhesives are selected, and advanced composite technology is adopted. The product has the flexural and flexural strength required by the decorative board. Under the weather conditions of the four seasons, changes in wind ...

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Production requirements of 3 seri alüminyum alaşım

3000 aluminum alloy metal has a wide range of applications. There are various products made of it. Different aluminum alloy products have different production standards. 3000 series aluminum coil Material: 1050; 1060; 1070; 1080; 1100; 3003; 3105; 5005; 5754; 5083; 5086; 6061; 7075 vb. Tempering: 0 H12 H14 H16 H18 H22 H24 H16 H112 etc Thickness: 0.1mm-10mm or as required Width: 800mm-2200mm or as required ...