7075 aluminum coil introduction

Alloy 7075 aluminum coil have been and remain the baseline standard with a good balance of properties required for aerospace applications.  7075 aluminum is among the highest strength alloys available and used in highly stressed parts.  Corrosion resistance and machinability are rated as fair, though the addition of chromium provides good stress-corrosion cracking resistance in 7075 aluminum sheet products.  As with alloy 2024, alloy 7075 is available in bare form or in clad to offer even further protection from corrosion.

7075 aluminum coil supplier

It is characterized by good plasticity after solution treatment, especially good heat treatment strengthening effect, high strength below 150 “C, especially good low-temperature strength, poor welding performance and stress corrosion cracking tendency; it needs to be coated with aluminum or other protective treatment. Double aging can improve the ability of the alloy to resist stress corrosion cracking. The plasticity under annealing and just quenching is slightly lower than that under the same condition

2A12 in the sample state is slightly better than 7A04. The static fatigue, notch sensitivity and stress corrosion performance of the plate are better than 7A04.

This alloy has good mechanical properties and anodic reaction. It is a typical aviation aluminum.It is used to manufacture aircraft structures and other high stress structural parts requiring high strength and strong corrosion resistance, such as aircraft upper and lower wing wall panels, stringers, spacer frames, etc. it has good plasticity and heat resistance after solution treatment

The strengthening effect of treatment is particularly good. Those below 150 ° C have high strength, especially good low-temperature strength, poor welding performance, stress corrosion cracking tendency, and two-stage aging can improve the resistance to corrosion
SCC performance.

7075 aluminum coil alloy

7075 aluminum alloy plate for precision machining / mold 7xxx series is aluminum, zinc and magnesium alloy, one of the most powerful commercial alloys, with general corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. 7075 Al-Zn mg Cu superhard aluminum and 7075 alloy are ultra-high strength deformed aluminum alloys that have been used in aircraft manufacturing since the late 1940s and are still widely used in aviation industry.Among them, 7075t651 is particularly top-grade, which is known as the best aluminum alloy

7075 aluminum coil chemical composition:

Others, each0.05
Others, total0.15
Balance, Aluminum

7075 aluminum coil typical mechanical properties:

TemperTensile StrengthYield StrengthElongation
O (annealed)40219-10

7075 aluminum coil applications

  • Aircraft and aerospace structures
  • Corrugated Aluminium Roof Panels