Wide application of aluminum coil

Aluminum roll is an aluminum alloy product obtained after the aluminum metal is rolled by a casting and rolling mill and processed by bending and bending. Because aluminum coil metal has good metal characteristics, it is widely used in our daily life after processing.

aluminum roll

for example
1. Home appliance industry: furniture, cabinets, refrigerators, microwave ovens
2. Automobile industry;
3. Sheet metal production;
4. Mold processing;
5. Shipbuilding;
6. Traffic facilities, traffic signs;
7. Pipeline insulation;
8. Lighting lamps;
9. Advertising signs, decorative curtain walls;
10. All aspects of life such as aluminum packaging outside the pipe, aluminum cooking utensils, etc.

In order to improve the deficiencies of a certain aspect of the aluminum coil during processing, other metals are added to it, so that the durability and processability of the aluminum coil have been improved, so that it is used more.

The aluminum coils we use now have many comprehensive metal properties, including low density, lightweight; easy handling and strengthening; good plasticity and easy processing; corrosion resistance; no low-temperature brittleness; good electrical and thermal conductivity. The use of aluminum coils around the world is growing steadily every year. It is believed that aluminum coils will be chosen by more companies and factories in the future aluminum product market.