Why does the aluminum coil so popular

Aluminum coil is actually thin aluminum sheet, while to the delivery, it can be flat as sheet, it can also be rolled as coil. As the iron does not have anti-rust effect, so the aluminum has been completely replaced iron currently. Aluminum coil is one of the more commonly used products in the aluminum plate products. HAOMEI Aluminum now produce 1060,3003 and other series aluminum coil. The aluminum coil products are with beautiful appearance, smooth surface, they are used the pipe insulation package. At present main supply to power plants and chemical plants and other insulation projects.

Now the most commonly used aluminum coil thickness is 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm, the thickness tolerance is + -0.02mm. Of which 1060 pure aluminum material is basically choose by 80% of the project, and 3003 aluminum coil belongs to the aluminum-manganese alloy, anti-rust performance will be better, so it is used in high corrosion requirements, corrosive environment projects, such as chemical plant desulfurization insulation Items and so on. The aluminum coil gradually replace the metal as the new favor of insulation materials recently, then what are the characteristics and advantages of aluminum coil products?

1,Light weight and materials saving. Aluminum coil has light weight (steel weight is 3times of aluminum). Accounting for the price per square meter, the price of steel and aluminum is almost equal.
2,Easy construction and high efficiency. Aluminum coil is easy processing molding, construction is convenient and quick, the construction staff will reduce the labor intensity.
3,Good appearance and effect. Aluminum coil is beautiful, with aluminum coil as outside insulation decoration, the bright visual effect is very good.
4,Long using period and cost savings. Aluminum coil has long using period, because of corrosion resistance of aluminum, generally the aluminum coil will not be corroded within 20 years.