The Applications Of 7000 Series Aluminum Coil?

Aluminum coil is a common manufacturing material, and 7 series aluminum coil is one of the models.7000 series aluminum coil representative model is 7075 aluminum coil, mainly contains zinc element. 7075 aluminum coil has good process characteristics after stress relief, no deformation or warping after processing. HuaweiAluminum 7075 aluminum coil through ultrasonic detection, to ensure that there is no gravel, impurities.

7000 Series aluminum coil with high thermal conductivity, high strength, can shorten molding time, improve work efficiency. Therefore, it is widely used in various scenarios.

alumium coil

7000 Series Aluminum coil surface: shiny, polished, hair line, brush, sandblasting, mesh, embossing, etching, rolled surface treatment, no stain, no burr, pattern, printing
7000 series aluminum coil features corrosion resistance, heat resistance, high hardness, good ductility.7000 series aluminum coil Applications: industrial, transportation, architectural modeling, automobile, medical machinery, etc.
The following is the application scenario of the 7 Series aluminum coil:
7005: Process is an extruded material used to manufacture welded structures with high strength and fracture toughness, such as trusses, rods, and containers of transportation vehicles; Large heat exchanger, to absorb welding after the solution treatment of the components; On a smaller scale, it can also be used to make sports equipment such as tennis rackets and softball bats.

7039: Commonly used in refrigerating vessels, cryogenic instruments and storage tanks, fire pressure equipment.

7049: Good corrosion resistance, commonly used for forging parts with the same static strength as a 7079-T6 alloy that requires high-stress corrosion cracking resistance, such as aircraft and missile parts.

7050: Commonly used in aircraft structure plate, extrusion, free forgings, and die forgings. The aluminum coil has good corrosion and cracking resistance, fracture toughness, and fatigue resistance.
Used for home furnishings, such as air conditioner aluminum foil and special thin strip;

7075: wide range of use, often used in manufacturing aircraft structure and other requirements of high strength, strong corrosion-resistance of high-stress structural parts, mold manufacturing;

7175: High strength structural parts for forging aircraft

7178: Parts for the manufacture of aerospace and spacecraft requiring high yield strength; Aluminized and unaluminized panels for airframes, wing frames, booms, etc.

7A04: Aircraft screws, suction force components such as girder beams, spacers, ribs, landing gear, etc.