How to effectively prevent corrosion of aluminum coils

It is understood that the current aluminum coils on the market are widely used in the production of aluminum composite panels, aluminum ceilings, fireproof veneers, garage doors and other products, but there are certain shortcomings, that is, they don’t pay attention to the protection of aluminum coils after a long time. , There will be corrosion, how to effectively prevent it, let’s take a look?

(1) Aluminum coils should not be placed where there is rain or snow leakage on the roof of workshops and warehouses.

(2) Strengthen the management of air drying to ensure that there is no water in the compressed air.

(3) The packaging of aluminum foil rolls should be sealed, and each roll should be put in an appropriate amount of desiccant.

(4) When transporting from a low temperature area to an area with high temperature and high humidity, do not open the sealed package immediately.

(5) Strengthen the management of rolling oil and control its water content below 0.04%.

(6) The humidity of the wooden shaft and the box board of the packaging box is not more than 18%, and the temperature of the packaging color aluminum coil is not more than 45°C.

Users or manufacturers who use aluminum coils must keep the above six points in mind. If they operate according to what is said, the probability of aluminum coils being corroded will be greatly reduced.