How thick is the insulation aluminum coil?

The size below 159 is generally 0.45mm, and the elbow can also be pressed out. If it is large, it is generally 0.5mm. Of course, there are also 0.7mm ones, or the elbow is too soft. So, everyone should understand. Of course, the insiders watch the doorways, and the laymen watch the excitement. Before doing this, I asked me these questions. I don’t even know what the thickness is 0.45mm. It was only after years of accumulated experience that I learned about these things.

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Insulation aluminum panels are often used in the thermal insulation industry. They are commonly used materials in power plants and chemical plants. They are mainly used for thermal insulation with rock wool or thermal insulation cotton. We sell a variety of thermal insulation aluminum panels with high flatness, no surface optimization, no scratches, and thickness. The advantages of uniformity and consistency. At the same time, the material ends and tails of the thermal insulation aluminum plate of our factory have been removed, and there is no problem of uneven tail thickness. For many years, we have provided a large number of high-quality thermal insulation for major electrical, power plants, chemical companies and chemical construction groups Aluminum plate products.