Classification of aluminum coils (1-8 series aluminum coils)

Aluminum coil is a processed product of aluminum metal, which is pure aluminum combined with different alloying elements to change its mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, formability, and machinability. It becomes an aluminum alloy coil with good metallic properties. Different alloying elements are added to the aluminum metal, and the obtained aluminum coils have different characteristics. In order to distinguish them, these aluminum coils are classified.

From the forging method, it can be divided into forged aluminum and cast aluminum. Wrought aluminum is produced by smelting an aluminum ingot with a specific amount of alloying metal to produce the desired grade of composition. The smelted aluminum alloy is cast, rolled, forged, extruded, and other mechanical processing processes. In order to distinguish the grades of wrought aluminum, a four-digit code is used to identify each wrought aluminum grade.
The ones we know are: 1-8 series aluminum coils
1000 series aluminum alloy, 2000 series aluminum alloy, 3000 series aluminum alloy, 4000 series aluminum alloy

5000 series aluminum alloy, 6000 series aluminum alloy, 7000 series aluminum alloy, 8000 series aluminum alloy

The aluminum alloy aluminum coils of each of these series are divided into more detailed divisions, such as 1100 aluminum coils, 5754 aluminum coils, etc. where the first number represents the main alloying element added to pure aluminum. The main alloying elements greatly affect the properties of the grades in the series. The second number refers to the modification of the specific alloy. Modifications are registered with IADS, which requires specific documents. If the specified number is zero, the alloy is pristine or unmodified. The third and fourth digits are arbitrary numbers assigned to specific alloys in the series. For the 1000 series, these numbers indicate the purity of the alloy.

For example, Aluminium Coil 1060 is made of almost pure aluminum and contains 99.60% aluminum.
The following are alloys contained in different series of aluminum coils
1XXX aluminum coil 99.00% aluminum (minimum)
2XXX aluminum coil copper
3XXX aluminum coil manganese
4XXX aluminum coil silicon
5XXX aluminum coil magnesium
6XXX aluminum coil magnesium and silicon
7XXX aluminum coil zinc
8XXX aluminum coil Other elements