Aluminum Coil Temper Quick Details–4

Aluminum coil HXX4 uses the corresponding HXX state plate, with machined checker plate, with HXX5 work hardening welded pipe in the state.

Aluminum coil H111 is final annealed and then lightly work hardened (than
The degree of hardening of H11 is light). This hardening is caused by operations such as stretching or straightening.

Aluminum coil H112 is hot formed and then lightly work hardened, or lightly work hardened from a small amount of cold work to meet specific mechanical property requirements.

Aluminum coil H116 is a special state code set for 5xxx series alloys with magnesium content of not less than 4%. The aluminum-magnesium alloy material in this state not only reaches the set mechanical property level, but also has good resistance to spalling corrosion.