Alu coil material and model introduction-5000 Series Aluminum Coil

5000 series aluminum coils belong to Al+Mg alloy aluminum coils, in which the content of magnesium metal reaches 3%-5%, which is an aluminum alloy with good hardness and strength. China’s 5-series aluminum alloy products have complete and mature processing technology, and have been widely exported to all over the world in recent years.

5000 series aluminum coil

The representative alloy aluminum coils of the 5 series aluminum alloys are 5052 aluminum coils, 5005 aluminum coils, 5083 aluminum coils, 5454 aluminum coils, and 5754 aluminum coils. These are the more common models in the 5 series.

The main characteristics of 5 series aluminum coil are low density, high tensile strength, and high metal elongation. Because of its light weight, it is widely used in aviation aircraft, such as aircraft fuel tanks. At the same time, it also has many applications in some architectural scenes.