1060 VS 5052 Aluminum Coil

The difference between 1060 and 5052 aluminum coil

1060 VS 5052 aluminum coil

1. What is a 5052 aluminum coil?

5052 alloy metal aluminum coil belongs to the 5000 series metal aluminum alloy, which is an alloy made up of 2.5 percent magnesium and 0.25 percent chromium. It’s considered to have great workability and weldability. It has medium static and high fatigue strength.

2. Hardness: The tensile strength of the 5052 series is between 210-and 230, while the 1060 aluminum coil is 110-and 130, which means that the hardness of 5052 is nearly 100% higher than that of 1060.

3. Elongation: The elongation of the 1060 series is 5%, while the elongation of the 5052 series is between 12-and 20%. When the conventional 5052 series is 100% harder than 1060, the elongation is also increased by about 200%.

4. Chemical properties: 1060 series is pure aluminum plate, 5052 is alloy aluminum plate, and 5052 is better corrosion resistance in a special environment.