10 characteristics of aluminum coil!

Aluminum coil is a kind of metal sheet, which is melted from aluminum ingots, plus different alloys, and processed into aluminum coils by casting or hot rolling, cold rolling, annealing, cross-cutting and other processes. It is widely used in industry and life. There are more applications.
Today we will talk about the ten characteristics of aluminum foil.
What are the characteristics of aluminum coil:
1. Low density and light weight.
2. easy to handle, can be strengthened.
3. Strong plasticity and easy processing.
4. Corrosion resistance, able to form a dense aluminum oxide film.
5. No low temperature brittleness.
6. Good electrical and thermal conductivity.
7. Good sound absorption.
8. radiation resistance, UV resistance.
9. Beautiful appearance, the surface can be reprocessed, and so on.
10. Rich reserves and low prices.
Therefore, aluminum coils are widely used, with an annual increase of 7%.