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Aluminyo coil is one of the most common aluminum alloy metals in aluminum products and has good metal properties. Ito ay malawak na ginagamit sa buhay, pagmamanupaktura, at industriya. Sa paglipas ng mga taon ng pagbuo ng aluminyo coils, maraming mga mahusay na aluminyo tagagawa ay lumitaw sa Tsina, at Huawei Aluminum ay isa rin sa mga ito. It has been exported all over the world all the year-round and has exported a large number of aluminum alloy products such as aluminum coils with excellent quality to more than 40 countries.

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We are a manufacturer of aluminum alloy aluminum coils from China, and we are committed to making aluminum coil products better. We do our best to assure customers:

1. If the quality exceeds the standard, the loss will be covered by me; if the quantity is insufficient, one will make up for ten; for the problem of lack of market credit and high procurement risk, we have been honoring our commitment for many years, so that your procurement does not have any risk. , to build a reassuring and satisfactory aluminum plate purchasing environment for you.

2. Cash aluminum coil production equipment as a guarantee, quality assurance equipment, organization, and process In order to ensure quality inspection, we purchase production equipment with international advanced levels: casting and rolling mills, hot rolling mills, cold rolling mills, foil rolling mills, drawing Bending straightening cleaning machine, slitting machine and thick and thin shears, atbp. Established a strict quality control system and passed the ISO quality control system certification. Kasabay nito, we continuously improve the quality control process, gradually improve the quality of aluminum sheets, and ensure various quality requirements of customers.

3. Fast delivery. Convenient logistics and guarantee, after more than ten years of running-in, we have signed cooperation agreements with a number of large-scale and creditworthy logistics companies, and the delivery is timely. The company promises that all the money will be borne by us before the arrival of the goods, so as to solve your concerns about the risks in the transportation process.

4. Be sincere and sincere, serve with heart. Treat others and serve others with sincerity and enthusiasm, win the trust of customers with sincerity, and gain customer recognition with integrity. We always serve the requirements of customers and establish a good corporate image with an attitude of excellence, dedication, responsibility, and considerate service.

5. Delivery on time. The company has prompt delivery, excellent price, and thoughtful service. Common specifications are available in stock; special sizes can be customized according to customer requirements, and there is a 24-hour free fast service technical team to provide you with exclusive services.