Aluminum sheet roll for aluminum trim coil overview

The aluminum trim coil is widely used for wrapping home’s exterior trim surfaces such as window and door casings, المشاركات الشرفة, حافة التنقيط, ولفافة. ملف تقليم الألومنيوم من Huawei يخلق مظهرًا نظيفًا, تشطيب حاد يتحمل الطقس القاسي. يمكن تشكيل المجال في أي شكل تقريبًا.

aluminium trim coil

1100 لفائف الألمنيوم

1000 لفائف الالومنيوم سلسلة is widely used in the production of aluminium trim. 1100 aluminium alloy is an aluminum-based alloy in the “نقي تجاريا” الأسرة المطاوعة (1000 or 1xxx series). بحد أدنى 99.0% الألومنيوم, it is the most heavily alloyed of the 1000 سلسلة. It is also the mechanically strongest alloy in the series and is the only 1000-series alloy commonly used in rivets. في نفس الوقت, إنها تحافظ على مزايا كونها مخلوطة بشكل خفيف نسبيًا (مقارنة بسلسلة أخرى), مثل الموصلية الكهربائية العالية, thermal conductivity, المقاومة للتآكل, وقابلية العمل. يمكن تقويتها عن طريق العمل البارد, ولكن ليس بالمعالجة الحرارية.

1100 aluminum trim coil machinability:

Aluminum/Aluminum 1100 alloy has excellent machinability especially when the alloy is machined in a hard temper. Carbide tooling is suitable, but high-speed steel tooling can also be used. In cases where heavy cuts are required, an oil lubricant must be used.

1100 لفائف الألمنيوم

Aluminum trim coil forming:

Both hot and cold forming is easy to perform with Aluminium/Aluminum 1100 سبيكة. This alloy can be cold worked extensively in the annealed condition without the need for intermediate annealing.

Type of aluminum trim coil

Aluminum trim coils are available in many colors and can be sorted by color.

White aluminum trim coilGray aluminum trim coilAspen aluminum trim coil
Birchwood aluminum trim coilBlack aluminum trim coilCafe Cream aluminum trim coil
Cocoa Brown aluminum trim coilGeneva Blue aluminum trim coilOcean Blue aluminum trim coil

aluminum trim coil color

Aluminum trim coil welding:

Welding can be easily performed using all the conventional methods. It is suitable to use AL 1100 consumable electrodes and filler wire for the process.

Aluminum sheet roll for aluminium trim coil heat treatment:

Aluminium/Aluminum 1100 alloy cannot be successfully heat-treated other than to produce the annealed form and ‘Otemper.

Forging: Aluminium/Aluminum 1100 alloy can be hot forged without much difficulty.

Hot Working:Hot-working can be easily performed on Aluminium/Aluminum 1100 سبيكة.

Cold Working: Aluminium/Aluminum 1100 alloy is best suited for cold working as it has good ductility in the annealed temper condition. It can also be cold formed by bending, رسم, or spinning.

Aluminum trim coil annealing

After Aluminium/Aluminum 1100 alloy is extensively cold worked, annealing is required and can be performed at 343°C (650°F) for a suitable amount of time so as to ensure thorough heating and then it can be air-cooled.

Hardening: Aluminium/Aluminum 1100 alloy can be hardened by cold working only.

Applications: Aluminium/Aluminum 1100 alloy is widely used in fin stock, heat exchanger fins, spun hollowware, dials and nameplates, decorative parts, giftware, أواني الطبخ, rivets and reflectors, and in sheet metal work.