Aluminum Coil For Gutter Overview

Aluminum gutter coil using aluminum alloy as materials, تستخدم بشكل رئيسي في سطح المبنى. على واحد, على الجانب المتعدد الأطراف أو الجانب كله قدم عرضًا معينًا للاكتئاب, مياه الأمطار على السطح على طول المنحدر وصولاً إلى مزراب لفائف الألمنيوم, ثم التفريغ من خلال أنبوب الصرف.

gutter coil

ما هو استخدام لفائف الحضيض?

لـ PPGI, هدف عام, طلاء اللون, corrugated roofing, building exterior construction, shaping gutters and wrapping windows, dashboards, and more for a complete look.

aluminum coil for corrugated roofingaluminum coil used for corrugated roofing
aluminum coil for building exterioraluminum coilu sed for building exterior
aluminum coil for shaping guttersaluminum coil used for shaping gutters
aluminum coil used for windowsaluminum coil used for windows

Aluminum Coil For Gutter Production Instructions

Alloy Material1050/1060/1070/1100/3003/5052/5083/6061/6063
Grade1000 3000 5000 6000 سلسلة
Processing Servicesbending. Uncoiling, welding, punching, cutting
ShapeRound Roll
Size2mm 3mm 4mm…(Customized)

Aluminum Coil For Gutter Supplier

As a professional manufacturer of aluminum, we can provide you with a gutter aluminum coil that is used in diverse industrial applications. We have reliable quality, reasonable prices, and prompt delivery. Common specifications are in stock. Special sizes can be customized according to clientsrequests. Please contact us if you have any questions. We will be glad to serve you.

Aluminum Coil For Gutter Normal Size

Aluminum coil size type 1:

11 3/4″ X .027 (26 colors)
11 3/4″ x .032 (white only)

Aluminum coil size type 2:

15″ X .027 (26 colors)
15″ X .032 (30 Colors)

Aluminum coil size type 3:

10 1/2″ X .019 (26 colors)
13 3/4″ X .019 (3​​0 colors)
24″ x 50Decorative Coil (9 Colors)

لفائف الألومنيوم الحضيض